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A Joy to Work With

Lisa is an exceptionally talented writer. She is up for any challenge and has proven herself every time on all of the Target projects she worked on. She has the ability to translate boring information into copy that is perfect for the occasion or inspiring to a client or guest. No matter what type of project you give her, she will absolutely blow you away with the result. Lisa is a joy to work with, both personally and professionally.

Lisa Always Finds the Human Connection

Where to begin about Lisa? She’s a superb writer. And director. And producer. And a genuinely wonderful person. She writes. She makes movies. She wins awards.

I trained her when she started at Microsoft Advertising, but learned more from her than I think she did from me. I tried to teach her how to “write Microsoft.” She showed me why it’s important not to.

Lisa always finds the human connection in whatever she’s writing about and finds a way to make the reader care. No small feat in an age of endless tweets and media overload. I recommend you hire Lisa. You won’t be disappointed.

Creative and Original Thinker

Lisa is one of the most creative and original thinkers I’ve worked with, and has strong skills in digital content creation and execution. Her deep experience writing and creating content coupled with her bright personality and keen mind make her a wonderful collaborator. Lisa adds energy and value to any team she joins, and the work is always better after Lisa’s contribution. I would jump at the opportunity to work with her again.

Phenomenally Talented

Lisa is one of the most positive, energetic and creative people I have ever met. From the first time I met her, it was clear she brought the creativity and passion our team at Microsoft Advertising needed. She is a true force multiplier, significantly increasing the confidence, skill, and outlook of everyone she works with.

Lisa stepped up to take a tremendous leadership role as Producer, Director and Writer of all our video projects, creating the narrative and capturing the story we needed to tell. Not only this, but she delivered incredible work under tight deadlines

Lisa is a phenomenally talented professional, but also an incredible human being. I would count myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with her again and I would give Lisa my highest recommendation.

Lisa Has A Gift

“Lisa has a gift that allows her to make people perform their very best in front of and away from the camera. She not only produced some great reels, she helped me formulate our core marketing message. I highly recommend working with her.”

Her Copywriting is an Art Form

“To Lisa, copywriting is an art form and she is quite the skilled artist. Lisa has written and directed many successful projects for our team and has made quite an impact. She has a way with words that make our stories really come alive and resonate with our audience and has moved us leaps and bounds beyond traditional media presentations. Her creativity and positive energy is inspiring… Lisa is more than a pleasure to work with.”

Goddess of Words

“Oh wow. Your product descriptions are yummy…thank you, o goddess of words!”

You Really Captured Our Ideas

“Lisa! Thank you so much!!! How amazing you are, to be able to interpret our simple ideas into something so eloquent! You really captured our ideas!”

Everyone LOVES Working With You

“I think you are the greatest both personally and professionally. Everyone LOVES working with you and you do an incredible job, well beyond my expectations. You literally blow me away. You’ve really given the website the feel that I have been looking for. I think it truly reflects our company now. It is great to work with someone who is so talented.”



Talk About Instant Results!

“Your work is already proving to be valuable! Last night after the site went live, a potential client called from Virginia and I suggested she visit the site. This morning, she called to let me know a deposit would be in the mail. Talk about instant results! I am so satisfied!”

Great Work!

“I simply love it! I like the story, how you wove in the necessary info, and that it’s short and sweet. Great work!”

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