It is a funny thing how the brain works.

Today I found myself wrestling with how to restructure a screenplay I’m working on.
A trusted friend and colleague suggested that I print out each scene in its entirety and tape them on a wall.

As she spoke, I felt my brain cave in, though I knew it was a good idea.

After I hung up, I looked over some recent notes, and one of the things I’d forgotten about was a typed list of all the scenes in the current draft; one sentence descriptions of each scene. My intention had been to cut those up and move them around like a puzzle to see if I might discover a new way of looking at things.

Instantly I felt energized. It’s my version of what my friend was talking about. Because of the way my brain works – this use of tiny idea bites totally energized me. Somehow these tiny bites keep me from being overwhelmed… it’s why when my husband and I sold jewelry for a living- I used to make earrings and he used make the necklaces- earrings are tiny idea bites!

So…not only did I get them all printed out and on the wall, but I was able to make real progress. I am so grateful for my friend whose gentleness with me around this process has been a godsend. She has nudged me again in the direction of my own creativity and that’s where the fun lives.